Why organizations need a Design System

Design systems have gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to their effectiveness in streamlining the design process and ensuring a consistent, high-quality products.

For a modern website or web application, a design systems is essential. It gives web design teams a standardized strategy and terminology, facilitating more productive teamwork. It also assist in ensuring uniformity between platforms and products, giving customers a consistent experience regardless of the product they are using. 

As for the developers and designers, it offers a foundation from which to build, saving time and resources when developing new products.

Luna Platform as a component-based framework by default

The most significant pain that a Design System alleviates is working with two sources of truth or, worse, no source of truth at all.
This is why Luna Platform has adopted a component-based approach at all stages, beginning with functional algorithms living in contextual modules and ending with atoms of the Design system that can be extended, reused, and even overridden in case of special needs for a specific instance, resulting in no more inconsistencies across multiple apps. 

In case you're still debating it, here are some compelling arguments to invest in one:


  • Will save you time in the long run

    If you're starting from scratch, designing a website can be a time-consuming process. But with a design system in place, you can quickly and easily create new pages that adhere to your brand guidelines. That means less time spent on design and more time spent on other important tasks—like developing new features or growing your business

  • Will help you scale

    As your website grows, so does the need for consistent design. A design system will help you maintain your design standards as you scale, ensuring that your website looks just as good with a few hundred pages as it does with

  • Will increased efficiency

    A design system allows designers to reuse pre-approved design elements and patterns, which saves time and effort in the design process.

  • Will increased brand recognition

    A consistent design language across all products helps to build and strengthen the brand identity which can lead to increased customer loyalty.


LUNA Platform helps with design-systems creation and adoption by bringing more value to designers and developers. Components are integrated into the code equivalent so each new instance can re-use already well-thought and pre-approved behavior of them.

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