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Luna Platform

Unlock the full potential of component-based web development


Our platform offers a complete solution for building dynamic component-based webapps.

Why us

Inconsistencies across multiple apps is common

We reduce the risk by adopting a component based approach to build pages

Find out Why organizations need a Design System and see our own Design Components integrated on this website

API integration weather it's for marketing purposes or data is a critical part of most business strategies.

Mautic, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, ... you name it

API with a solid UI to create and serve localized content

Fully extendable and ready to be integrated with needed tools and third-parties

Rolling out a new website is quick and reliable

As of the Design System, its components can be re-used over and over again to fulfill the needs of each instance

Infrastructure as code (IaC) means provisioning and managing infrastructure using configuration files or code in an automated way which facilitates scalability and efficiency to DevOps

Digital, by definition, needs electricity to function

LunaDXP addresses these issues by choosing the optimal technology starting with infrastructure which uses highly dynamic container-based solution rather than running directly on generic cloud virtual machines and finishing with styling strategy which ensures there is not a single extra line of CSS which isn't needed.

On top of that:

  • Serve appropriate and compressed images
  • Load only when needed(lazyload and on request)
  • Use vectors when possible instead of images
  • Dark mode choice to reduce energy required to render bright colors
  • Less HTML compared to a traditional CMS
  • Single platform for all your sites(one CD cycle replaces multiple ones)
  • Compressed fonts
  • CDN
  • etc

With one master codebase, a security deployment will stream the fix to all instance

All components are automatically scanned for WCAG 2 standards and will flag any encountered issues immediately

  • Automated testing: The regression and longevity are ensured by running automated tests when new code is introduced and can replace manual reviews of new code changes
  • Rolling deployments: Each time new code is being released, an automated rolling deployment is kicked in redeploying you apps and for the cases when an issue has been detected on live, everything can be reverted to the previous release
  • Monitoring and alerts: Monitoring logs is undoubtedly a must tool to have which provides visibility into the health of the system
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